Refresh Yourself!

Month of summer..heat at it’s peak, excitement at it’s peak, worries at it’s peak (both in one sentence!😐 ). Actually former one for us and later one for our parents especially mothers, when we used to be school going children and summer holidays was a wish that had came true. Full one month of holidays..our planning usually used to start one month earlier😁(it was necessary)! And in background my mom’s preparations. Imagine tired children coming home after completing their “big” adventures and above that their “little” tantrums!! Hats off mother! I can’t even imagine how you did that. Our fridge used to filled with colorful drinks such as different kinds of sherbets,falooda,fruit juice to re-energize us. And we always found kulfi, flavored ice cubes made using ‘rasna'(it is like ‘tang’) in there. It was not only my mom but all people who knew how hot it is going to get was prepared for the summer.

Along side of the road with the goggles,scarfs,caps the madka(clay pot)starts to appear. Cucumbers and watermelons rules the summer equally with the king(mango). Little carts crowded with refreshing cilantro, mint leaves;beautiful soda bottles shining in the sunlight looks as if they are some valuable crystals(in a way,they are!);lemons wearing the fresh colour of the summer;smell of wet clay holding tasty chilled buttermilk covered with red cotton cloth looks inviting. These are perfect drinks for summer when sun won’t let you eat much food. Even though in your busy day if you don’t get time to revitalize yourself,these carts revitalize you with their looks and smell,generously to help you to make summer a little bearable.

Here are some recipes to refresh yourself in this summer. Starting with’s like they are made for summer!Filled with 92% of water with lots of nutrients and fat free(Yes!!but don’t overeat). Paired with roadside goti soda(small marble ball in the neck of the greenish soda bottle)and it becomes tasty sparkling watermelon drink


How can you not use King of fruits..’mango’,right?? So, here is everyone’s favorite Mango Lassi topped with roasted coconut flakes. The combination of roasted coconut flake’s smell and a sip of mango do the magic. 


Buttermilk is considered as nectar in Ayurveda,but remember! homemade. It is prepared by churning the curd in a vessel by adding 1/4th to 1/2 parts of water. Those who take buttermilk,slow aging,keep their arteries flexible for a longer time,keep cholesterol related problems away. When added salt and ginger it helps to reduce ‘vata dosh’. Masala buttermilk/mathha..You can drink it regularly. And a small tip..mix it with rice for delicious treat.


And the last but not least, Pinacolada Falooda . wonderful! Falooda came to India with mughals in 16th century. The origins of falooda go back to persia,where a similar dessert faloodeh is popular.  It consists of vermicelli, sweet sugar syrup flavored with rose water,lemon etc. And often served with ice-cream. In India it is made by using flavored milk, jelly, basil seeds(sabza bee),vermicelli and topped with ice cream. Glass filled with all delectable items.


Refresh yourself!!


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