Sparkling watermelon drink

The interesting thing about this recipe is that there are no particular measurements for ingredients. Assemble it with all the ingredients as you like,your choice. And of course there is always scope for improvisations. So I am giving a basic idea,after that you are on your own.



  • Diced seedless watermelon
  • Carbonated water/soda water
  • Wooden skewer(I used chopstick because I had them😝)
  • Chat masala
  • Salt
  • Sugar



  1. Arrange diced watermelons into the skewer.
  2. Pour chilled carbonated water into serving glass. Add chat masala,salt and sugar.
  3. Put the skewer into this glass on which watermelon cubes are arranged.
  4. Serve it.Watermelon will start to release it’s flavour in the carbonated water.

Also,it is fun to have a bite of watermelon and a sip of drink together 😀😁.



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