Let’s ‘DOUGH’ it!

The smell of freshly baked bread transports me to the small bakery run by my friend’s father. We used to visit it ‘frequently’,out of curiosity and greediness😜(hey..don’ t judge me!I was little).I can still picturise the rooms filled with sweet and yeasty aroma, cupcakes stacked on the trays, breads in their moulds waiting to go inside an hot oven and my favourite “khari” kept aside for cooling..which I absolutely can’t resists,either cooled or hot. Khari is a multilayered,flaky pastry baked in the oven till it get crispy. And we eat it dunking in tea.


“Baking” always intrigued me. Look at the ingredients that goes into these products.. all simple and common but end result.. Different and unique.I remember sitting in front of the oven for the whole time while bread was baking inside😝(what??it was the first time I was baking!). We only get white plain bread easily in India especially in a small towns..like my hometown, as our basic diet includes chapati ,roti, paratha, bhakari etc which are known as Indian breads. Nevertheless,big cities has number of bakeries which sell different kinds of bread. And that I got to know when I visited one such kind of bakery in Mumbai.

It was in South Mumbai, I don’t know if it is still there or not. The big bakeryon the side of road was selling breads of different kinds through the big horizontal window.The place was crowded,people was pointing out at various loafs, men in the front were busy packing and billing at counter,freshly baked bread was being ready at the back where all the action happens and ‘I’ in that hustle bustle was fascinated looking at those breads,just wanted to know all about it!!


I never really got a chance to learn about the ‘breadmaking’ back then but now with the help of baking section of the library and internet I am learning about breads with different ingredients,different shapes,different textures (and different names too!). In this series of ‘let’s dough it’, I am going to share recipes of breads with you which are tried and tasted☺. And hope to learn from you all masters out there. What you gonna need?? A pinch of patience and a lots of enthusiasm. So,let’s “dough” it!🙂🙂

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  1. ktkickass says:

    I like reading your posts…. they are little stories! So intriguing, I could just envision you standing there amongst all the hustle and bustle in that bakery! 🙂 I’ve made some bread in my time and love baking! Looking forward to your recipes!


    1. rutujaks says:

      Thanks a lot😊😊. It is a first time I am baking.basically learning. Your support means a lot☺. Definitely gonna try different recipes.


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