My “complete” shopping bag 

A round of superstore of your choice and in the end at the billing counter you see in your trolley(baskets can’t take it😝 ) .. “how come this is possible?”AGAIN!! Those rigorous efforts to defeat my taste-buds and time spent in making diet charts just went for a toss.There are some items which I try to avoid but they still make into my shopping bag. Yup..Guilty!!

The unique smell tells you that you have reached at your destination,a perfect combination of taste and aesthetic always awaits with it’s open arms. ‘Croissant’- an extraordinary french pastry. Flaky,soft, filled with a buttery smell and that warm feeling just like the lover’s can’t say no to it.I feel like the animated character shown on TV who floats through the air and reaches to that inviting smell.And you guessed right..a box of freshly baked croissants ends up into my trolley.


When first time I saw it,I thought it would be a sweet version of rusk.But,I was was really a ‘cake’ rusk. The irony is that,I found it in Indian food section of the store but had not seen it while growing up back home in India.After some reading I got to know that it was enjoyed in India in pre partition time. It is relished by Pakistan and Bangladesh. Of course many countries have their own forms of rusk. There is no single day which goes without eating it. Hail,daily routine!!


Call it as chips or crisps or wafers, without which any superstore is incomplete.Different countries have different flavors of chips to offer.In Canada you will get flavors such as dill pickle,ketchup etc.But for me when it comes to the chips I am an old school..the simply salted,preferably ripple cut. Not only potato chips but also corn chips.That powerful ‘crunch’ has a magic of witch.How can a muggle like me survive such a strong spell!! Hence,surrender(happily😉).

potato chips

‘Pretzel’..a modest snack(reason is it’s shape) peeping out from the shelf,comes from the common ingredients such as all purpose flour,water,salt but still resulted in unique taste that you can’t have enough of it. Because of the proliferation of food shows on television, I was aware about what a pretzel is. At that time I thought it would be taste like a bread-stick. Nah!!..I could not be more wrong.It is crunchy, smokey and perfectly salty to give it it’s pretzely taste. Goes very well with a can of beer. Pretzels are not unhealthy so why not!!


A divine taste, pillowy texture and it just melts in your mouth..’Magdalena’. It is a lemon cake made in Spain. It has a subtle flavor with citric zeal. Not too sweet. Ideal for chai-time(not that not good with coffee). Besides it’s taste I take pleasure in watching it get unwrap from it’s cupcake cover with it’s refreshing smell. As I stumbled upon a packet of those mini muffins all my senses send signals to brain and without wasting a moment my brain directs to hands to pick it up one of those. Now who am I to meddle in between!!



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  1. Ratan Patil says:

    The best till now!!🙂


    1. rutujaks says:

      Thank you


  2. Vaishali Kadam says:

    everything about this blog is yummy …good luck


  3. rutujaks says:

    Thank you.


  4. Snehal Mandlik says:

    Again something very # yummy to read 👌😉.. Liked it


    1. rutujaks says:

      Thank you.


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