We found it!!Fish Pickle🤤

Whenever we visited my paternal grandma in summer holidays, her courtyard used to welcome us with mango poli and jackfruit poli (sweet made from fruits in a round shape), aamsul(dried mangosteem), roasted cashewnuts and my maternal grandma used to wait for our help in finishing the burnished dough of pappdam lied at the bottom of…

Chilli Oil🌶

Chilli oil..what can you possibly use it for? It’s only limited to your own imagination😊. Serve with hot crispy pakoras or steamy dumplings or any rice or noodle dish or you can stir-fry vegetables in it. Anything,literally! Let’s start. As I am writing this recipe I am dipping a piece of savory pancake with green…

Spaghetti aglio e olio with soya chunks

I have a friend with whom I generally talk about food and whenever we are not talking about food still we end up talking about food😬.The other day while I was talking with this friend of mine,I realized, There are number of dishes that I have made myself before tasting them in restaurants or stalls….

Spicy Corn Cups

“Don’t play with your food!” How many of you and how many times you heard of it?? Most probably everyone and everyday especially in your childhood. And now we are saying the same thing to children sitting on dining table😁😬. Do you know what I think?I think that we love to play with our food….