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The time I have entered in London my craving for momos was increasing day by day..may be it’s because of the cold weather here in London or simply the fact that its been long days I have eaten momos (or I am a huge fan of momos 😉 ).I thought how difficult it can be to find momos..because I have seen a large number of restaurants belonging to different cultures welcoming you with smiles. So I did find momos but the good news is I also find the dishes that looks alike and also tastes as good as momos that served around the world..all falls in the category of “Dumplings”.
When you search for the meaning of dumpling in dictionary you will find its “a small savory ball of dough (usually made with suet) that may be boiled, fried, or baked in a casserole “..with the synonyms pirogi, wanton, ravioli, pot-stickers, gnocchi. These are dumplings served in different parts of the world.These can be filled with stuffing or non-filled. The history states some facts about how dumplings are originated such as a prevention from frostbite in china (According to legend) or a simple and economical way to extend meat so that it can fulfill the whole family(according to food historian – Alan Davidson), then travelled around the world, becomes native using the native grains and loved by all.Although dumpling is a foreign word for us Indians, we have our own dumplings like kachori, samosa, modak etc.

The basic recipe for momos is known to everyone,so here are some tricks that can make your momos extra delicious.
Along with steamed momos another way of enjoying momos is..fried momos. Crispy texture with filling of juicy vegetable or chicken can make your taste buds hungry. If you are avoiding deep-fried foods (I wont say ‘If you don’t like’ because everyone loves deep-fried food) then you can shallow fry it. You can add twist in it.. ”stir fried momos.”
Heat the oil in the wok/kadhai. When it reaches to high temperature add chopped garlic, crushed red pepper and half steamed momos. Stir it on high temperature for few minutes until its golden brown. Serve them hot. Different vegetables and sauces can be added to it but I like it without them.


The best part of eating momos is a red chutney/ dipping sauce served with it. Its spicy, sour, tangy taste can make you addicted to it. I enjoy that hint of spice with momos but if you don’t like that much spicy you can reduce the heat by adding sugar or honey in it while making it at home. Momos are also taste great with caramelized onions on their side especially with fried chicken momos. It is easy to make.While your momos are getting cooked put a bunch of sliced onions in the frying pan add a little sugar and a table-spoon of oil. After a few minutes of sauteing and cooking on a medium flame you will have your caramelized onions ready.


There is a Venetian proverb “Of soup and love the first is the best.”Yes..soup. You must have heard about the wanton soup. You will find it on many restaurants menu card. To put it in a simple words it’s a dumpling soup which is originated in china. I love putting the fried noodles in a manchow soup so i thought why not momos. And it turned out deliciously tasty. Make your favorite soup and top it with simple, light steamed momos


You want to try something weirdly insane? try making pizza out of momos. I know..weird!!but tasty. Place momos in a frying pan covering the bottom of the pan greased with butter. Cover the momos with sauce and your favorite toppings and of course cheese. Put it on a slow flame covered with lid. After few minutes you can have your pizza..and the good thing is base is already cut in pieces..just eat it


So fry it, paired with anything you love, add it in whatever feels right..just go with your taste bud instincts.
P.S. Don’t forget to share it with your loved once.


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  1. Snehal Mandlik says:

    I seriously can’t believe your making up this blog. Trust me your doing it very well, i am totally impressed. Keep doing, I loved reading it. Veey interesting!
    Ill surely share it with my friends..


    1. rutujaks says:

      Thank you.


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